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Getting the Most Out of Therapy

Now more than ever, people are making their mental health a priority and seeking support. While every single individual and clinician is unique and approaches wellness differently, there are a few consistent underpinnings to treatment that everyone would benefit from understanding. Here are a few:

  1. Ask Questions - Ask your therapist questions about their expertise, training, credentials. Clinicians are often trained to divert from personal questions, but it’s important to make sure you feel connected to the person you are speaking to and that they are able to address your concerns.

  2. Communicate your needs - One of the many reasons people seek therapy is to strengthen their communication and advocacy skills and practicing with your therapist is a safe place to start. If there are aspects of sessions, goals or interventions that may or may not fit your needs, it’s important to communicate that with your therapist.

  3. Be patient - All of us are looking for that quick-fix or transformative solution. Most of the goals in therapy are intentional and require small steps. Be patient with yourself and your therapist, things will come together.

  4. Stay engaged - Therapy not only involves showing up to a session every week and talking about things, but the heavy lifting happens between every session. Make your goals a priority by setting aside time to practice skills and invest back into yourself.


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