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What to Expect

Initial Contact

Prospective clients are encouraged to contact me by phone, email or by submitting an inquiry here on my website. Please provide your name, contact information and a detailed description about your treatment needs.


Phone Consultation

I offer a free 15-minute phone consultation to discuss 1) the prospective client's needs for treatment or testing, 2) information regarding my practice and clinical expertise, and 3) discuss goodness-of-fit and potential referrals.


Intake Appointment & Treatment Evaluation

If the prospect client and myself agree that it is a good fit, an initial intake appointment is scheduled to gather additional information on symptoms, behaviors and goals. The first 1-4 appointments act as a treatment evaluation which is used to thoroughly evaluate clinical needs, goodness-of-fit and provide recommendations and referrals if needed. There are 2 pathways that come from the Treatment evaluation:

  •  Referral to a provider, agency or community resource that is better suited to meet the client's needs. 

  • Engage in weekly therapy to address treatment goals. 


Psychological Assessment

Psychological testing procedures vary based on the needs of testing; however, prospective clients can expect the following testing procedures.

  •  Testing Intake - 1-2 hour interview to gather background information, data on symptoms and behaviors and complete necessary screening inventories. 

  • In-Person Testing - 2-6 hours participating in various tasks, activities and observations to assess cognitive and adaptive functioning, screen for social-communication strengths and barriers and screen for other mental health conditions.​​

  • Feedback session - 1-2 hour meeting with myself to review the testing data, diagnostic impressions and recommendations for treatment, school, work and the community. Clients will be provided with a copy of their individual testing report.

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